Informal bio:

I was born in Australia and I lived there for two years. I remember nothing of my life there but there are some fun photos of me wandering around with parrots. I feel that if I had lived there longer then I would be a more mellow, beach-y type of person. I lived in Oxford, England for a year when I was ten. I ate a lot of Cadbury’s chocolate there and went to one of the few schools that did not require uniforms, which was frankly a bit of a disappointment.

Between then and now, I became a librarian and started writing. I write mainly, but not exclusively, young adult novels. When I am not writing, I am mostly librarian-ing, reading or eating. 

More official bio:

Amelia Brunskill is a writer and a librarian. The Window, a YA mystery, is her debut novel, and she has also published several short stories.