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Past Events:

February 24th: Anderson’s 16th Annual Children’s Literature Breakfast

April 6th at 7pm: Book launch at The Book Cellar in Conversation with Caleb Roehrig

April 14th: Chicago Young Adult Book Festival

June 10th: Printer’s Row Festival, Chicago area children’s book creators in conversation with Esther Hershenhorn, 12-1pm

July 22nd: Writing For Young Adults: All-Star Panel Discussion Book Stall, Winnetka, IL

August 19th: Debut YA authors discussion Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA

September 22nd: Signing at Barnes & Noble, Clybourn (Webster Place)

September 29th-30th: StoryStudio Writers Festival

October 11th: Wisconsin Book Festival

October 20th: Thrilling Mysteries & Mysterious Thrillers: YA Authors Reveal All Their Secrets,  Sulzer Regional Library

November 8th: 2018 Chicago Review of Books Awards

February 9th: Mystery/Thriller author event at Prairie Fox Books

March 18th:Getting Started with YA Publishing, Sulzer Library at 7pm

March 23rd: Murder & Mayhem in Chicago

March 24th: C2E2 Panel: Twists, Turns & Screams

March 29th: AWP: Building a Mystery: The Craft of Thriller-Writing for Young Adults

April 6th: 2019 Chicago Young Adult Book Festival