Six months later

My book came out six months ago.

It’s a funny thing, having a book out in the world. Just hanging out on bookshelves, in bookstores and in libraries, waiting to see who is going to pick it up. This book that was for a while only in my head, and then only on my computer, is both mine and not mine now, belonging to me and belonging to its readers.

In these months, there have been ups and downs. I’ve found that moments I expected to feel really special didn’t always, whereas other moments caught me by surprise with how much they meant to me. And then some things were exactly as perfect as I’d hoped, aka my book cake which was the best book cake in all of book cake land (I still have the bit with my name and the bit with the window in my freezer because they were too beautiful to eat and throwing them away would be a travesty).

I definitely struggled with jealousy and doubt at a lot of points along the way, but I was also fortunate enough to experience some of the huge generosity that exists in the book community, and I was really touched by the people who went out of their way to be kind. The Chicago book community is particularly lovely and I’m really grateful to be part of it.

I think this post is kind of a goodbye to my debut. It has been pushed from the shore, and for six months I have nervously watched it navigate the waters, probably more closely than I should have.

And now it is time for another story.



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