Acknowledgements, Part II

So, I wrote my official acknowledgements quite a long time ago, in a giddy rush of caffeine and sugar. I thanked a lot of people, including my family, my agent, my editor, and my writing teachers and friends. It was fun.

But, that was a while ago.

And now on this day, my launch day, I have more people that I want to thank. And so I’m going to.

Regina: My cover is amazing. It just is. It’s so amazing that I was a little paranoid about it being changed, especially since I knew a bunch of people that had happened to. So, now that take backs officially can’t occur, thank you so much. I have lost track of how many times people have exclaimed over my cover, and I love it so much.

Electric Eighteens: I literally cannot imagine what this experience would have been like without you guys. I’ve learned so much from you all, and I’m (platonic-ally) a little in love with every last one of you and your brilliant books.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet a number of you, and that’s been wonderful too. Special shout outs to Dana, friend and fellow thriller writer and X-Files appreciator, Kit, who has great taste in Mexican food and who writes so well it kills me a little inside, Samantha, who is delightful and the best bookstore wing-person ever, and Kelly and Erin who got me rewatching My So-Called Life, which has been weird and wonderful and so very plaid-filled. Also, to all the Chicago Electrics, Maddie, Gloria, Samira, and Beth: It’s been so lovely getting to know you guys. (Also, Jessica, you’re not a Chicagoan but you are a Studio Story-er so you get honorary membership. 🙂 )

Caleb, Kara, and Karen: You guys were so incredibly generous with your time and your praise. I’m pretty sure at least two of you were literally  not in the country at the time when you were asked to read my book, and you said yes anyway. And the things you wrote about my book mean so much to me, they really do. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Michelle and Patricia from Flying Fantastic Book tours: Thank you so much for contacting me about taking my book on a blog tour. It was such a great experience, and really made the week before my book launch so positive.  Many thanks also to all the bloggers who participated in the tour, I really appreciate it.

To all other bloggers who have taken the time to review my book: Thank you so much. Those of you who enjoyed it: I’m so thrilled by your reviews.
Those of you who did not enjoy it: Fair enough, it’s not going to be a bull’s eye for everyone, and I appreciate you giving it a try.

Allison: I feel very lucky to have you as my publicist, and it was lovely meeting you. (Also, I still can’t believe that I have a publicist!)

Booksellers who’ve been nice to me in any shape or form: You guys are great. It’s been so wonderful to meet you, to hear from you, to have you be kind and patient as I nervously tried to tell you about my book. I’ve bought a lot of books from you all this year, but I wish that I could have bought even more. (The Book Cellar has a particularly special place in my heart, but Chicago is jam packed with amazing indie bookstores, and I feel so very lucky to live in this city.)

Librarians: You’ve been so lovely as well. I became a librarian in large part because I really like hanging out with librarians, and you continue to reinforce that decision with your generosity of spirit and full throttle enthusiasm for books.

It’s been amazing, guys.

You’ve been amazing.

Thank you.

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