The final countdown

Publishing is this funny process where everything seems to either take forever or sneak up on you (and sometimes both, which makes no sense but is still very much how it feels).

On April 3rd my book will come out. And then on April 6th, I’m going to have my book launch, which means I’ll get to hang out with friends and family and other lovely book people, and also (hopefully!) eat a piece of cake with art from my cover on it.

It feels weird. But nice. But weird. But nice.

I got to travel to NYC a few weeks back. I went to Random House, had lunch with my editor and a bunch of lovely Random Housers, and I met my agent for the first time. I also got to meet a whole slew of other YA and MG debut authors that I’d previously only interacted with online. It was all just really, really great.

I keep thinking back to those few days that I had there, and how this book is really the accumulation of a lot of work from a lot of people. Which is funny because writing feels like, and in many ways is, such a solitary endeavor and yet publishing is very much not.

I don’t know. My book is going to go out into the world, and I know that while some people may like it, others will probably loathe it. But hopefully at least a few will love it.

Anyway, it’s almost time for it to go out and find its people.

Good luck, book.


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