A well turned handle, a lush glaze

Something I am surprisingly good at: Hand building small ceramic animals.

Something I am surprisingly terrible at: Making anything out of clay that is even vaguely functional.

The later, sadly, is the stone cold truth. I took throwing in college and the professor teaching the class was completely fascinated by exactly how thick and lopsided my pots were. They were so heavy and misshapen that even my incredibly sweet and charming parents, who were cheerleaders for all of my artistic endeavors, did not really know what to say about or do with the ones I gifted them.

The great tragedy of it all is that while I enjoy making ceramic animals, I don’t particularly need to have many of those around, whereas my appetite for beautiful ceramic mugs and bowls is unlimited. There is something miraculous about a beautifully glazed and wrought mug, and I drink a lot of tea so I use mugs all the time. ALL THE TIME. If I’m not careful then mugs begin to cover all of the surfaces in my apartment—congregating in little clusters on the coffee table, my desk, side tables, and if let out too long I suspect that they then begin forming coalitions.

All that is to say, I end up spending way too much money on beautiful, handmade mugs because I can’t make them myself and they make me very, very happy.

Reading: I’ve finished March: Book 1 and am partway through March: Book 2. Book 1 was amazing and Book 2 seems on track to be incredible as well. I think we are in a time when it is important to be reminded of how courageous people can be, even in the face of sickening discrimination and sheer cruelty, and also of the great power and value of storytelling.

Writing: I just sent back first pass pages for my manuscript, and I’m now trying to figure out a good way back into another project that I’d been working on but that had stalled a little.

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