Warm dog, sleeping

It’s still dark outside and my dog is sleeping beside me on the couch. Sleeping near one of his people is pretty much his favorite thing to do in the world (well, other than playing with his beloved black plastic bone) so I feel like this is the silver lining to my insomnia—I don’t love waking up at a ridiculous hour but at least my dog gets something out of it.

Writing: I don’t know if I am necessarily doing it well, however I am doing a lot of it which is how things usually starts for me. In college, I was always fascinated by people who talked about “riding the curve”—putting in only the mimimum amount of effort needed to get decent grades—because I, to this day, have absolutely no idea how to do that. Which is to say, most things I work on are pretty terrible until they are suddenly (hopefully) pretty good.

Reading: I just finished Dragonfish by Vu Tran. It was really beautifully written, and had a lot of other wonderful qualities, but it was one of those unfortunate times when there was a bit of a mismatch between the author’s intentions for the work and my expectations (no one fault, just happens sometimes).

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