Art class

I helped out with an art class for third graders today. I don’t want to brag but I really flexed my piece-of-tape-ripping skills. The teacher introduced me as a writer, and prompted them as various points to ask me questions. I got points for being to affirm that I have sometimes written about animals, but then got points subtracted for not having anything published yet, and also for my lackluster description of my novel (I was trying to be vague to avoid upsetting their tender souls and so it sounded quite boring).

Writing notes: I’ve been working on a lot of different things and it has been pretty great. Not that the work has all necessarily been great (some of it is new and still very messy), but the experience at the residency has been amazing.

Reading notes: I am not being the best reader. I finished one of the stories in Karen Russell’s first collection but I’m having a hard time really sitting still and focusing on reading. I think it is the fault of the leaves, which are changing colors by the minute. They are just too riveting, and they are taking up much of my non-writing attention.

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