Friday morning

It’s felt like a long week, and getting up has been difficult some mornings, but this morning I woke up easily, which was a nice change of pace. I think I was once a morning person, a long, long time ago. That is no longer the case. Yet today when the alarm went off I didn’t fight it, my body didn’t sink down deeper into the bed. I didn’t spring from bed with a smile or anything—let’s be real—but I thought, “Okay, this is alright. I’m ready for another day.” And that’s something, that’s a kind of acceptance that I usually don’t reach until about half an hour after I’ve consumed a good dose of caffeinated tea.

Writing notes: Not the best week for writing. Did a little. Should have done more.

Reading notes: Finished two books. Have mixed feelings about both. I’ve started The Black Hour, which I’m enjoying so far. I picked it up during a mystery writers talk at my local bookstore, in which Lori Rader-Day lead the discussion (and did a very good job, I should add). Most of the writers were debut authors and it was really interesting to hear about them and their book’s (often not smooth) journey to publication.

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