New year, new you

For me, the beginning of a new year can be a heady time. On the one hand, it is exciting and full of possibility. On the other, my list of what I’d like to do differently can get so long that it can become depressing rather than energizing. Also, a year can seem like a long time. So, what I’m thinking at the moment is to approach it differently and have monthly themes, and then see what sticks. Maybe it is really just a different way of saying that I want this year to be a year of trying things out and not judging myself too harshly at the end of it all.

Writing notes: I can’t lie (well, I could but I am choosing not to)–it has been very slow. Not much progress.

Reading notes: I finished the Book of Unknown Americans, which I really enjoyed. I haven’t started anything new yet–there are a number of books that I have placed holds on from the library but I haven’t gotten my sweaty little hands on any of them yet.

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