Intention vs. reality

In theory, the manuscript that I’m working on at the moment is supposed to be a hilarious and heart breaking exploration of first love. It’s supposed to be deep and irreverent and find a perfect balance it not being ridiculously obvious what is going to happen but also not pulling plot points out of thin air.

What I have at the moment is a manuscript which moves both too slow and too fast and where a fifteen year old boy spends WAY too much time talking to his mom about food. Apparently I spend much of my writing time hungry. I should invest in more snacks. Writer-y snacks.

Writing notes: Working on said manuscript. I keep thinking that sections are underwritten and trying to solve that problem by either adding 300 odd words describing a single thing, or writing something which I think is clever and funny only to find that I wrote basically the same thing two paragraphs down. Sad.

Reading notes: Read and finished The Tiger’s Wife. I have started The Book of Unknown Americans which is by a Chicago author! Hurray for Chicago!

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