Day of boxing

It is now the evening of the 26th and I am 95% certain that if I had not laid down the law yesterday evening my family would still not have unwrapped their Christmas presents. I think of myself as a relatively patient person–not overly interested in the commercial side of things–but in my family I stand out like Veruca Salt among the ‘Hoos of ‘Hoosville. Still, aside from an utterly un-American lack of interest in opening presents by the rest of my kin, it was a lovely day, and thankfully did not involve a full out tantrum on my part.

Writing notes: I keep messing around with my Nanowrimo novel, acting as if moving chapters around will cause the plot to suddenly fall together perfectly, and that no other real work is required. So far, this is not turning out to be true and yet I persist. I also worked more on a short story and I’m actually pretty happy with it, which is nice.

Reading notes: I’m trying to read some of the books that are making it into important publications’ top ten lists as it turns out that I have managed to read embarrassingly few of them. I read “Everything I never told you” which was completely heartbreaking and brilliant and “Boy, Snow, Bird” which was interesting and beautifully written but ended at a very strange point for me (I wanted either about twenty more pages or twenty less). I also read “Euphoria” which was a good read but where I hated one of the characters so much that it was distracting (I thought that there was going to be a reversal where it turned out that he was less loathsome than I thought but there wasn’t really).

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