On pause

On Tuesday, I looked up the weather. “11, feel like -9” was what the internet told me. In November. The thing is, I love you anyway, Chicago. Even when you pull stunts like that, my love remains. Your reasonable real estate prices, your wonderful public transportation system, your amazing, amazing food… I can’t quit you.

Writing notes: I have not been doing well on the writing front. I’m in a bit of a dip. Not in a tragic way, should there even be such a thing as a tragic dip, but more of a taking a breather way. I’ve done little bits here and there, and I think that’s alright. I’ll get back on the horse.

Reading: I finished The Dept of Speculation. I enjoyed it. Very lyrical and wove with a wide weave–not all tightly plotted. Then I read Those Who Wish Me Dead which was just so much fun. I do like a brainy thriller in an unusual setting with truly scary bad guys. So many twists!

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