Doing the Charleston

YALL fest in Charleston is proof positive that all the hand wringing about kids not reading anymore and just being blank eyed robots unable to focus for more than 140 characters at a time is all a bit ridiculous. The lines were insane, in a good way. In a clear and present hope for humanity kind of way. Perhaps one day I’ll be a fancy YA writer and they will invite me and it will be glorious but tragically that day has not yet arrived.

Writing notes: Toddling along. Took a break for about a week but now I’m revisiting my NaNoWriMo project. It’s all a bit of a mess but I still really like the ideas at the core of it so I’m hoping to get it to a better place, and I’m going to ask people in my class to give me some feedback on the first ten pages. And it turns out there is nothing like prepping to ask people about your work to make you see all the flaws in it, for better or for worse, so I’ve been doing some editing and rearranging.

Reading notes: I’ve been reading The Empathy Exams, which is a collection of really wonderful essays, and I also just finished the second in the The Last Policeman trilogy–which was excellent and means that I’m now planning to read the third in the not so distant future. Oh, and I’m currently about half way through The Department of Speculation which is an unusual book for me (very much not about scenes or action at all and a bit fragmented) but I’m enjoying it.

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