Mint M&Ms

Mint M&Ms are really good and today I had my second bag of them. While I wouldn’t say that the experience of eating them was life changing per se, I can and will say that between the dark chocolate mintiness of the things and the fact that they are, for some reason, much rounder (fatter? bulkier?) than regular M&Ms, they made me very happy. So, if one of my zero readers happens to be an advertising person looking to promote mint M&Ms and you are looking for a genuine liker of your product please feel free to contact me with a proposal to pay me millions of dollars to quote me on my love of the things. I’ll even pose, in a dignified way, near a bag of the things and smile. Tempting, yes?

Writing notes: I’ve heard that by the time people finish their dissertations, they usually hate both the topic of their dissertations and themselves, and wonder why they ever thought that they should do a dissertation to begin with. Which has nothing to do with my emotional state about writing at all, of course, just a thought that I decided to randomly share.

Reading notes: I’m about half way through Threats, by Amelia Gray. It is a coincidence that I am reading something written by someone with the same first name as myself? Or is it instead that I get weirdly excited when I see someone with my first name and feel that I should support my brave name sisters in all of their creative endeavors? If you think that the second option must be a joke, then we will never be friends.

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