Neither here, not there

I went to the Young Adult Literature Conference in Naperville this weekend. It was a good experience but also a strange one. Good because the talks were delightful and the panel discussion was very interesting and they had a pretty amazing line up of people. Strange because I didn’t really fit. Because I’m a librarian but not a school or pubic librarian, and I write but I’m not a published author. Fish out of water. Flop, flop.

Writing notes: Read through manuscript. I think it is getting better plot wise but some of the actual writing is pretty questionable. Umm…and by “pretty questionable” I mean, uh, super poetic and polished.

Reading notes: I really should stop buying books until I’m caught up. That won’t happen of course, but it is what I should do. Anyway, I finished Conversion. In what has been a bit of a theme recently, I enjoyed the writing but wasn’t a big fan of the ending. I’m currently between books, which makes me feel anxious.

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