The weather in Chicago is just careening all over the place. It got cold, coat cold, and then days later it wasn’t even sweater weather any more. I’m a bit like that with my manuscript at the moment—I love it and then I hate it and then I love it again. I think it just needs some small changes and polishing up and then I’m wondering if I should make larger edits that could rip the whole thing open again. I don’t want to be lazy and not do something that could really improve it but nor do I want to tear it apart for no reason and mess up the things that are actually working okay.

Writing notes: Trying to get back into a good schedule and to focus but having problems. See above.

Reading notes: Read Complicit which I mostly really enjoyed. Still not sure how I feel about the ending though, which seems to be a bit of a theme for me recently. Started Conversion, pretty great so far.

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