There is a special place in heaven for beta readers

Historically, I have not had the best luck with beta readers. I have had incredibly sweet people offer to read my drafts who then never, ever got back to me. Oh sure, you may think, that’s normal. Lots of people flake out, don’t realize how much time it is going to take/forget about it/get busy/whatever. Absolutely. And if we were talking about one person, that would totally make sense. Or even two. Or three. But no. Six people. In a row. And while logically I know that it was almost certainly not personal, a part of me was convinced that they had actually all read it and just been so horrified about how bad it was, and been so embarrassed for me that they decided it would be best to never speak of it again.

But my luck has changed. Over the last week, I have received back incredibly thoughtful and detailed feedback from not one but two beta readers. I love these two people so much right now–I want to make them cakes with their faces on them or present them with ice sculptures of their pets, or even do something slightly less weird and creepy and involving of technical skills that I do not actually possess.


Writing notes: Started reading through said beta readers notes and began playing around with some changes based upon them. I’m going to have to make some difficult decisions, I think, but it is so nice to have some focus to what I’m looking at.

Reading notes: Still reading The Maze Runner.

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