Beautiful day in Chicago

It has been muggy, disgusting and just gross for much of this week but today is perfection. It is sunny and warm. Not hot, warm. And there is no humidity. It is completely wonderful. I got all psyched and decided to go jogging with my dog, and I was worried that he was going to be darting around and tripping me up but he actually did very well. I mean, when I say jog, I mean going only infinitesimally faster than walking—kind of a bouncy walk really—but still, I’m proud of both of us.

Writing notes: I took my Nanowrimo manuscript and listed all of the chapters and then printed them out and cut them up and then played around with them to figure out if they should be reordered, and then tapped them back together and added little colored stickies representing when different characters are in a scene. I do like a good craft project—it is so satisfying (and doing this makes me feel like one of those brilliant but slightly unhinged detectives in a tv show where they have their weird bulletin boards with colored string and photographs). I think some plot reworking is needed because I made some major changes, and while I like a lot of what I’ve done, some of the emotional arc has been flattened, I think, so I need to mess around and try and get it right. Mostly though, I’m taking a bit of a break, which feels both good and necessary.

Reading notes: Reading The Maze Runner. Enjoying it so far. Finished Life Drawing—positively sobbed at the ending. I do have a soft spot for a book that makes me cry, I really do. Nothing is more disappointing than a book where sad things happen and it just doesn’t feel like it matters.

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