One printer, a printing

I don’t usually print out longer things I’ve written. I tend to send them to my kindle or phone and read them on that and take notes. I often find that works better because then I can’t give into the temptation to keep stopping and making little edits, instead of reading for larger plot and progression issues. When I’m actually trying to do language edits then I do print things out but usually just a chapter or two at a time. But, for whatever reason, I decided that I wanted to print out a whole manuscript and read over it. I’m printing it two pages on a sheet and doublesided (probably a bad idea because the font is now super small) but it still took a long time to print out. Which is pretty satisfying.

Writing notes: I’m trying to get to a place where I can ask people to read my manuscript. I think I’ll get there, or at least get close and then beg people to look at it even though it isn’t in the shape that it should be just because I am getting so tired of it. I need to work on my messaging because at the moment my pitch is basically “Oh god, it’s terrible but please read it anyway”. And that lacks a certain appeal, I think.

Reading notes: Finished More than this. Loved the beginning, enjoyed most of it, wasn’t entirely enthused about the ending. Haven’t decided what to read next.

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