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It is 5am. I have been awake for about two hours. This is not a good thing.

Sometimes I have insomnia because of stress. There is a particular type of stress that basically ensures that I will wake up in the middle of the night and remain conscious for a good 2-3 hours. Perhaps it is a self-fufilling prophecy at this point–I get stressed, I suspect that it will mean insomnia, which stresses me out because insomnia makes me sad and cranky and unable to deal with the world, particularly on a weeknight where I have no room to sleep in. And then, boom, I wake up at 2 am.

Tonight it isn’t about stress though. Tonight it is a about a neighbor playing a certain type of terrible music with deep bass. I am not sure which neighbor it is, it’s the kind of sound that addles your soul and yet its location is difficult to pinpoint. All I know is that I deeply dislike this neighbor right now, whoever they are and I wish that they would learn to appreciate the glory that is headphones.

Writing notes: I am feeling somewhat better about one of my projects. I don’t think this is based on any actual breakthroughs, unfortunately, yet it still feels nice to be less angsty about it. Lots of work to be done but glimmers of hope. Also went to a book reading where I saw a lot of my fellow former classmates and it was nice to catch up with them. It also served as a good reminder that writing isn’t easy for a lot of people, even people who are excellent at it.

Reading notes: Just started More than this. Pretty brilliant so far. I’m really interested to see how it progresses.

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