Chugging along, singing a song

Sometimes it feels like none of my projects will ever be done. That the goalposts just keep shifting around and they will never make it past the finish line. I look at some of my chapters and they are so choppy and rough that it is painful, and I wonder if it is all a mistake–a waste of time.

It’s weird though because I can’t really remember what I used to do with my non-work time before I started writing. It is a mystery. There were two years of really intensive cooking but other than that…I’m not sure. Maybe I napped more? Mmm…naps.

Writing notes: Received second, totally form rejection for short story. Have become obsessed with checking Duotrope’s recent responses which is probably just a path to madness. Continue to work on project. Hopefully making progress but I’m not entirely sure at this point.

Reading notes: Finished Panic.

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