Let the rejections begin!

I received my first rejection for a short story. It was a story that I thought was pretty good at the time, but now I realize it needs a lot of work. I submitted it to ridiculously good, ridiculously competitive journals and in all likelihood all of them will reject it. They probably should. It really needs work. Realistically, I shouldn’t have submitted this story, probably at all, and definitely to the places I submitted it to.

However. I’m glad I did submit it. I did rush to submit but I worked hard on the story, and went through many, many drafts and I kept going on it because I had the goal of submitting it. Ideally, I would have gotten to the point that I did and then put it aside for a while so that I could then look at it with fresh eyes and work on it for several more drafts but I think instead I would have simply put it away and not come back to it.

Also, this motivated me to submit another story as well, and while that one has its flaw too, I looked over it again recently and I still like it and I’d love to find a home for it. Do I think any of the five (again, really good) places that I submitted it to will accept it? Most likely not. Will I keep sending it out to other places? Yes, I think I will.

Writing notes: Slogging away on project. Feeling a bit lost. I really want there to be better flow and movement and at the moment the middle feels like a bunch of little islands, many of which could go anywhere and don’t really contribute to any forward momentum.

Reading notes: Read Wintergirls. I find it hard to read about anorexia without doing a lot of snacking–it’s like I want to gain weight for the characters. Anyway, very sad but beautifully written. Just started Panic, which I didn’t realize was by the same person who wrote Before I Fall. Very engaging thus far.

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