I always think that I’ll get more writing done while on vacation but in actuality, I get less done. If it was a writing related stayaction deal, all might be different, but if it is one that involves other people…well, it all falls apart. Ah, the terror that is other people. Of course, I do get weird when I don’t spend enough time around fellow humanoids and this week I have had not one but two lobster rolls and also went on a whale watch (humpbacks!) so it is probably all for the best.

Writing notes: Slow, as mentioned, this week. Last week, not so bad. Work is less about word count at the moment and more about figuring things out in terms of structure and plotting, which is important but progress is hard to quantify.

Reading notes: Vacation has been good on the reading front: Read The One Hundred Year House, which is by a teacher I had at Story Studio–she was great and the book was terrific, Before I Fall which was a good YA and Turn of Mind, which was very sad and well written but I didn’t find the ending quite as satisfying as I’d hoped.

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