And now it is July

At work, I have all these summer projects that I think I have all this time for but actually summer is already rushing along and it is a bit scary. I’m not sure how it is already mid-July when it feels likes we’ve only had two or three days of actual summer so far.

Writing notes:
Plugging away. Feeling a bit discouraged and unsure about whether I can actually turn this project into something. So many problems, particularly with tension. Stupid tension. On a more positive note, I was accepted into another residency which I couldn’t accept because the dates conflicted with the one I’ve already confirmed for but it sounds like I can defer it until next year so yay! And another one I was waitlisted for, which isn’t as good as being accepted outright but still felt pretty good.

Reading notes: Finished The Silent Wife. Not bad, but not as good as I thought it was going to be. There were some important developments that really did not work for me. I also read The Keep. Which I enjoyed but I’d heard so much about it and I loved A Visit from the Goon Squad so I really thought I was going to be blown away. Instead I thought it was good and did a lot of interesting craft things but it wasn’t one of those transcendental reading experiences for me. Which is a high bar to meet, I grant you. And I still think that Jennifer Egan is a god, so there is that.

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