Lots of mini writing vacations

Note: I wrote this two weeks ago and forgot to post it until now…

I’m taking an hour of vacation each morning this week instead of taking a half day on Friday, which was the original plan. The theory is that I’ll get more done in four separate hour long periods than one four hour stretch. It doesn’t achieve the same sense of relaxation but I think it will be much more productive. Ideally, I would just get up earlier in the morning but while my mind thinks that is a super duper idea my body refuses to cooperate with the actual getting up part.

Writing notes: I have a new idea for a sub-plot for my NaNoWriMo thing. Which I think could help a lot–at the moment it is a little bit one note and there needs to be more going on. There is a lot to work on but I think I have enough distance from it to have a better sense of what needs done.

Reading notes: I read “No One Else Can Have You”–a YA murder mystery with a lot of Wisconsin-y humor thrown in.

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