Summer is coming

Chicago is perfect right now. Sunny, blue skies, everything. It was a hell of a winter but I still love this city. I love it more, however, when it is like this.

Printers Row Festival is next weekend and I am super excited–I signed up to get tickets for a bunch of panels. There are a lot of really promising sounding mystery oriented sessions which should be fun.

Writing notes: I’ve kept on my short story writing spree. I had two that I spent quite a bit of time on, had some people read and give me feedback on them and now I’ve done exactly what you aren’t supposed to do when you aren’t really, really sure that they are entirely as good as they can be, which is go ahead and submit them to some places. In my defense, a lot of places’ reading period ends at the end of May and doesn’t start again until the fall and I know that all of them are insane long shots anyway so I am pretty serene about being rejected (quote me on this when I begin receiving rejections notices in ~three months). In other news, I have not been touching the thing that I have promised that I won’t touch for two months so that I can get distance on it and I got some very helpful feedback on the first 120 pages of something else that I’m working on.

Reading notes: Bought five books at Powell’s in Portland (Chicago has a Powell’s but it is not at all associated with THE Powell’s–confusing!). Read one of them so far: Where Things Come Back. It was awesome–I really did not expect what happened with the second thread. Just so good. And pretty heart-breaking, which is how I like my fiction.

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