I like taking stock. So here is my writing life by the numbers at the moment:

Classes taken: 4
3 at the delightful Story Studio
1 at the Newberry Library

Writing residencies applied for:3
1 acceptance
2 no word yet

Novel manuscripts: 3
One has been revised multiple times
One has been revised but more in fits and starts and isn’t all that far from its humble NaNoWriMo beginnings
One is only technically a finished draft–there is so much that needs to be added and changed

Short stories (finished): 2
Both are short, one is super short (just under 1000 words)
One I have submitted to five places
The other I have submitted to six places
Both I expect to submit to additional places but a lot of reading periods don’t extend over the summer, so the next round will happen in the Fall

Delightful new writers that I have met: Many. It has been so nice to meet other people who are pouring their hearts into this crazy writing business.

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