Maybe I should touch it to see if it still hurts

Long week. Slept very little, consistently waking up at 1:00 and then not being able to get back to sleep until around 4:00. I know I get absolutely no sympathy from anyone who has ever had a newborn but this sleeping badly thing is terrible even when you don’t have a small person screaming at you (though I acknowledge that must make it 10x worse).

Writing notes: Finally stopped being such a wimp and finished my synopsis, including writing out the ending which I was super loath to do. Mostly because I was hoping that someone from my class might read the whole thing and I wanted to get their thoughts on the ending having not already known what was coming. Working on editing the suck of the one hundred pages that my teacher will look at—hoping to finish this up before the end of the weekend but I’m running a bit behind. It is funny/horribly depressing how much editing you can do only to see how much is still needed.

Reading note: Picking up books only to find that the writing is too good and makes me feel lame/the writing is not so good and I can’t stop picking it apart. At the same time, I keep on purchasing books from the kindle daily deal because so cheap! I may never catch up.

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