Truth or Consequences

I am, almost officially now, going on an artist residency. A super bare bones, hippy type one in a little town in New Mexico (see title of post) which has hot springs and a pie shop. It will be an adventure, possibly of the why-did-I-ever-think-that-this-would-be-a-good-idea kind. It will be in October, which is a good month for an adventure*. I kind of want to set a story that I have in my head there, or somewhere remarkably similar, so I think that it will also be a bit of a research jaunt.

Writing: Working on writing a synopsis for my class project. Which is proving difficult because I don’t want to tell the ending. I know I need to tell the ending to do a proper synopsis but I am resisting it because I’m not sure if I like my ending and I don’t want to tell people who haven’t read the whole thing because the ending is very important. I have many excuses.

Reading: I read the readers write section of The Sun. I am buying way more books than I am reading at the moment–I’m having problems settling on any one book.

*Which months are good for adventures, you might ask? The answer is October, November, January-May. December is family time, and summer is summer. I can’t explain it more clearly than that–I don’t make the rules, I just know them.

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