Editing Princess

I have been consuming roughly 128,989,489% of my daily vitamin C needs due to my intense, all consuming love of tangerines. Love them. So much. Plus I have been trying to eat less chocolate (not very successfully) so I have been pounding the little orange spheres o’ bliss back like Hemingway and, um, whatever his alcoholic beverage of choice was (Beer? Beer seems like the most chauvinistic manly drink that I can think of…).

Writing Notes:

Received some notes back about a manuscript. Beginning is too slow so I’ve merrily shaved off a couple of thousand words and I think, once I’ve massaged the remaining ones a bit, that should help. I’m in a mood where I am dangerously comfortable with chopping stuff–I could probably get the whole thing down to haiku length if need be. Sure, major plot points would go to the wayside but you’d get the general gist. Okay, that’s probably the vitamin C talking…

Reading Notes:

Reading essays by Jonathan Lethem. I find it comforting that he felt profound jealousy of his classmates Donna Tart and Brent Easton Ellis for years. I find it less comforting how beautifully he writes about it.

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