All novels should be NaNoWriMo length, right?

It was blissfully quiet at the coffee shop this morning. I don’t mind when people talk (if they use a normal, inside voice) but there is something delightful about when everyone in a room is simply reading or typing. So soothing. It is particularly nice when one is, as I was, trying to read through a chapter and figure out how to hack away the suck more effectively. I spent some of the time rewriting sentences on the page, and other times I just made helpful notes at the side like “meh”, “blarg”, or “needs to be less bad”.

And yes, it is a bit hipster-y to write in coffee shops but it makes for a nice change of pace so I don’t judge myself for it.

Writing Notes:

Well, see above. More specifically though, in the last week or so I’ve read through eight chapters and made edits. They will all need many more rounds but I’m feeling pretty good about how it is coming along. Unfortunately, the edits are making it all shorter and the word count is already very low. I think really there will need to be more scenes and/or substantial expansions to existing scenes but I’m having a hard time visualizing what those will need to be. It may all end up as an experiment yet I definitely want to keep with it for a while.

Reading Notes:

Finished Zoo City. I liked it but didn’t love it as much as I initially thought I would. Ended up preferring The Shining Girls.

I think I’m going to switch to reading short stuff for a while. I got a book of essays by Jonathan Lethem so reading some of those sounds pretty good to me.

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