Feeling pretty good

I get wordy when things aren’t going so well. Not always wordy on the page but in my head things get very quickly crowded as I mentally make exhaustive lists all the little ways that things aren’t working out.

So it is probably worth celebrating a little when things are going well. Or at least okay. Okay can be such a relief after not okay–a great reminder of how not okay isn’t the norm.

Here is the good:

  • My dog is adorable and no longer vomiting
  • My husband is also adorable and almost never vomits
  • I have not yet killed any of the plants in either my home or my office
  • I actually now have plants in my office
  • I also now know the difference between an en dash and an em dash now and the proper way to demarcate the end of a section

Writing notes:

I have started working on my class project again. At the moment, I like the plot pretty well and just hate all of my sentences. That actually feels pretty manageable–I’m pretty zen at this particular moment about the whole writing is rewriting thing, at least for this project.

Reading notes:

About 40% or so through Zoo City. It’s pretty great so far. I think she’s doing a wonderful job of leaving some things unexplained, or minimally explained, while still having enough information on the world she’s created so I don’t get frustrated (I get frustrated very easily–I tried to read City in the City and I couldn’t make it through the first chapter because I just didn’t get it. I know, I know, China Mieville is a genius so that’s all on me).

I’m reading it on my Kindle, which is alright though I’ve had to put it in a ziplock baggie in order to bath proof it which just feels silly.

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