An Unfortunate Day

Today was unfortunate. I think I may have developed a stutter at one point. Awkward.

Anyway, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Writing notes:

Apparently every time I edit something I manage to add in new errors. It’s the whole pushing the rock up a hill thing. I try to improve my sentences only to create prose that makes it appear as though English is my second language. Words are hard. Good copy editor I not make.

Of course, perhaps I should tell people that English is my second language. Perhaps my first could be Polish? That way everyone would be super impressed with me. Not with my Polish, of course, but hopefully that wouldn’t come up often.

Summary version: My workshop piece is due soon and I’m still finding lots of very basic errors.

Reading notes: Started Life after life. Enjoying it, but am getting retroactively paranoid about all the ways I could have accidentally died in my youth (not all apply, naturally, but still–yikes).

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