More snow

Oh, Chicago. That’s all I’m going to say. You know what you are doing wrong and you know what you need to do to fix it.

It has been a rather social week with lots of nice discussions with other writer-y types. Writing can be pretty lonely so it is good to get out and talk to other people who are trying to do this thing as well.

I am also continuing with my slightly ridiculous self styled immersion therapy approach to getting over my aversion to talking about the fact that I write by mentioning it to pretty much every other person that I talk to. Not in detail, just mentioning that writing is a thing that I do–a hobby thing. Which is painful and makes me feel super, super pretentious. But the thing is, it is true. I spend a lot of time writing. And it is something that I take seriously. So, maybe I am pretentious. Oh well.

Writing notes:

I took last night off from writing. And also the night before. So those days I probably only did a little over an hour of writing. However, today I did 2.5 hours so that is good. I’m getting a little nervous about workshopping a piece later this month but it will be interesting to get feedback.

Reading notes: Finished TCGICT. Definitely a good read and I’m curious as to if there will be a sequel.  I was hoping for a little bit more hot action human/vampire action though–not all True Blood style or anything (I could barely get through the first episode of that because I am a blushing delicate flower) but you know, a little more than just one really good kiss. I’ve gotten Life After Life out on the Kindle from the library recently after being about one millionth on the wait list so that is probably what I’m going for next.

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