Plodding along

I would really like to stop wearing so many layers. In the summer, when my puppy started doing his pathetic dancing around I-gotta-go-I-gotta-go thing I could just slip on ballet flats, grab my keys and take the poor little guy out. Now I have to put on a hat and gloves and a scarf and a huge coat and boots, and by the time I’m done he’s almost out of his mind. This winter thing is taking its toll.

Writing notes:

Keep moving parts around and then having to make lots of changes to compensate. Wrote one new scene that I liked so that felt good, but I reread over the whole thing briefly and so much of it feels rough. It’s a little demoralizing. Doing pretty well with the 2-3 hours a day goal, though I did less than that yesterday.

Reading notes: Still reading TCGICT. Would love to just curl up and plow through the rest of it but between writing and normal work that hasn’t happened yet.

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