I think I can…

I got some good feedback on a project which resulted in a, rather long, to do list. I like lists though. They make things feel very concrete and manageable. I don’t like them as much as I like a good spreadsheet (oh, how I can love a good spreadsheet–especially a messy one that I can tidy up and make beautiful) but they make me happy. Which makes me feel like a bad creative person, since I feel that I should be all floaty and above such pedestrian concerns. Oh well.

Writing notes:
Aiming to hit between 2-3 hours a day of writing for the next couple of weeks. Goal of getting through my to do list and then putting the manuscript aside for a couple of days by the end of February. Also needed to work on first 20 pages for the workshop.

Reading notes:

Started The Coldest Girl in Cold Town–setting aside Turtle Diary for a while because I purchased it whereas I will need to return TCGICT soon. So far, I’m enjoying it though I’ve needed to double back once or twice because I’ve been trying to read it too quickly and I keep missing important details.

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