And the tension builds…

I’m good at waiting.


Having a poor memory helps a bit.

Waiting for feedback on writing projects though is very difficult because what I want to do is hand over the file and then just wait, watching, as they immediately read the thing straight through and then provide detailed feedback. Feedback that preferably starts with: “Obviously you are a genius and this piece of work is pure magic. However, if I were absolutely forced to suggest changes I might possible suggest…”

It doesn’t work like that. Tragically. Especially since most people who are able to provide good feedback have other stuff going on in their lives.

So I’ve been self medicating a lot with chocolate as I wait for feedback on my latest draft.

Writing notes:

Other than feasting on chocolate, I’ve been making baby steps with my class project. Mostly fiddling with the first couple of pages so that when I turn in the part for workshopping everyone doesn’t immediately decide that I’m a complete moron. I want that to be more of a gradual realization–it’s better for everyone that way, I think. I’ve also been trying to write a poem for another book. I haven’t written poems since I was about 15–which you’d think would make this easier since the poem is supposed to have been written by a 15 year old girl. It does not.

Reading notes:

Started Turtle Diary. Love it, love it, love it. Amazing voice(s). Sentences that I want to hug. For example: “I live alone, wear odds and ends, I have resisted vegetarianism and I don’t keep cats.” I love this character despite knowing that she probably would find me deeply irritating.

Have accepted that I will not start nor finish Sisterland in time for book club so I am withdrawn to open up my slot. To be fair, my experience has been that people at this club don’t actually discuss the book unless I insist up on it–which I do but then I end up feeling silly for doing so.

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