Small steps

It is a beautiful sunny day in Chicago. The temperature is in the 20s and it feels almost balmy. Of course, we are supposed to get Polar Vortex round two next week, which is unfortunate.

Writing notes:

I think I figured out how to improve the end of my class project. It may still be pushing the believability envelope but a hair less so. I’ve been working on it and I feel better. I also am feeling better about the first couple of pages. Oh, and I had a writing date with someone from class so that was actually really nice.

Reading Notes:

Finished Broken Harbor. Thought it was brilliant. It might be my favorite Tana French novel now, although I did love The Likeness.

Just checked out The Coldest Girl in Cold Town from the library (my hold request was successful!) and I’m very much looking forward to reading it.

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