Wasting time

I am the worst person at Facebook ever.  I meant to ban myself from it for 2014 but that only worked for a couple days. It triggers all my insecurities and yet I lurk on it constantly, just waiting for…I don’t even know what. That’s the problem.

Writing Notes:

I got a good amount of writing work done on Sunday and Monday–today, less so. Though still a little. Not terrible. A victim of my own indecisiveness, I have a lot of mess to deal with. Onwards and upwards though. I wrote two critiques for class but I  need to work on them a bit more. As I write critiques I become a monster that lists all the weird petty little things that I noticed so I have to go back and try and be more big picture and helpful. It is important to at least pretend to be a nice, normal human being rather than an awful troll person.

Reading Notes:

Read first story in Vampires in the Lemon Grove. Am now pretty sure that Karen Russell is a genius. And so I hate her a little. Will continue reading, glumly noting all the ways her writing makes me look like a slack jawed idiot incapable of typing complete

Haven’t started Sisterland yet because I keep forgetting to bring it with me. Not impressive.

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