Day of slush

Today I went to write-in at the ever delightful Story Studio. I ate a lot of candy, chatted with some people there who are also in a class I’m taking and wrote until my laptop battery was out of juice. Good times!

Writing notes:

Class project–Too many characters that I introduce and then never bring up again. I’m trying to consolidate. Tis difficult but will be for the best. Also keep staring at my outline and making little notes on it about all the problems that exist in the current draft. Have reached 55K, though keep cutting parts, which means the word count keeps dipping. Sad.

Reading notes:

Started “The Twelve Fingered Boy”–excellent voice and very engaging so far (about half way through now).

Checked out “Sisterland” for a book club. Plan to start after finishing title above (trying to get back into reading one thing at a time).

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