Return of the internet

For the last week I haven’t had internet. Okay, well, I had internet through my phone but it was small, sad internet and I kept on accidentally hitting buttons that I didn’t mean to press because my fingers are too big for small screens  (I accidentally “liked” a post about someone’s dad going to hospital and even though I really, really quickly unliked it again, I feel that there is a permanent stain on my soul from that).

So, surely I’ve been really productive, right? With no internet access, I unleashed all my creative juices and just typed up a storm, surely?

Ummm… not really.

Writing notes:

I did a bare bones outline of my class project. Through the bones the huge plot holes and heaps of once mentioned and then totally forgotten characters all just shined on through. Which was rather depressing really, but hopefully once the depression fades I’ll get inspired to actually makes some changes.

I also realized that I was overcomplicating things by also throwing in a bunch of letters into the narrative so I have started to convert them into scenes. Painful, but good, I think.

Overall, the word count has increased by about 2000 which is pretty good considering that I’ve been deleting a bunch of content as well.

I also had my husband comment on the first 25 pages. We’re getting better at this and it did not end in tears (for each of us). Huzzah!

I did a little bit more work on my NaNoWrimo though not as much as I meant to because I got sucked back into my class project more than I expected.

Reading notes:

Finished Sacred. Good read–Lehane really is good at the whole snappy dialogue thing.

Started and finished The Beginning of Everything. I enjoyed it but I guessed the ending so that was a little disappointing. To be fair, I am the best guesser in the whole of guessidom so there’s that. There were a lot of nice group scenes which was helpful to see since I often default to having just two people talking to each other and it would be useful to try and have a little more variety there.

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