Snowy Saturday


For the last couple of days, I’ve been working on reviewing and editing my Nanowrimo draft. A lot of trimming is needed in terms of language (why say something once one way when you can say it three times in very similar ways!) but I think a subplot is needed. I really enjoyed doing Nanowrimo but it  was definitely too easy for me to default to trying to reach the needed word count via describing things to death.

My goal is to get it to the point soon where I could pass it off to a beta reader without feeling too guilty about the state it is in. Ideally, it will get there by the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

Currently reading:

World War Z: About a third of the way through this one. I think it’s very interesting, well written, great concept–but I do find myself missing having a protagonist.

Sacred (Dennis Lehane): About a third of the way through this one as well. Light, fun read. Enjoying it.

Threats: A very odd book. Some lovely prose, and very short chapters which I’m really finding intriguing at the moment, but may not finish. We’ll see.

Recently finished:

The Truth About Forever: Enjoyed it. Nice example of contemporary YA. Funny to find a number of themes/plot elements come up that I also have in one of my drafts but I think there are a lot of classic things that come up in YA novels.

The Sisters Brothers: Excellent. Very interesting voice. Did not end at all how I was expecting which was a nice surprise. Two and half thumbs up.

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